Our Story


Our Story

In a fast paced time of constant scientific and technological innovation, mass information, value conflict and always being connected, individuals find themselves sifting through the clutter of life, trying to define themselves. But is defining ourselves based on preconceived perceptions truly defining ourselves?

The evolution of the athlete allows one to inspire themselves to be better for themselves, not an outside perception. To focus their potential within evolving as whatever type of athlete they may be; a swimmer, a basketball player, a football player, or a person running at the gym. Evolving perceptions of what an athlete is, more than a fit body, a trophy on a pedestal, but someone who lives to push themselves harder, feel stronger, and look amazing doing so in gear that supports your needs.

This is why the evolution starts with you; you are the change, the growth, the resilient athlete moving forward. The evolution is where ever you decide to take it. One more push-up, one more mile, one more shot… Don’t stop.


To inspire, focus and evolve perceptions within capabilities of the
inner athlete through innovative design — The evolutions starts with you.